Welcome to the Tracking Club of Victoria.  We are a club that is passionate about tracking with our dogs.  Join us!  All dogs can track (follow a scent trail).  If you want to learn more the club holds an annual workshop weekend where you can learn everything you need to get started.

See you out on the track - but be warned tracking is addictive!

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Find us on facebook

trial schedules

Click here for the 2019 Trial Schedules.

important information


Life has been rather busy of late so my apologies for the late publication of the Champion of Champions application form for 2019. I know how eager some of you for this event, as I have received messages asking what was happening, so I am looking forward to receiving your entries. If any members are available to assist over the weekend please let me know.

Lyn Klecka
President – TCV Inc

27 & 28 July Champion of Champions

Please find attached Information regarding Champion of Champions


champions gallery

  • T Ch Weisnjac Classic Catch CCD RN TDX
  • TS CH T CH Clemkirk Custom Made
  • Anca-Tilea-T-S-Grand-Ch-T-Ch-Mia-Doggylicious-CCD-RN-PT-ET
  • Alan-Tee-T-Ch-Kanuba-Wooftee-Maldoon-UD-Wooftee
  • Glenbogle
  • Maree-McCabe-Dual-Ch-(T)-Habanero-Emotional-Rescue-CDX-RE-ET-Indi
  • 2016-Talia-Duell-T-Ch-IamHenry-CCD
  • Ann-Marriott-TS-Ch-T-Ch-Vonraypark-Harlequin-Linq-CD-RAE-TSDX-PT-Linq
  • Deb-Armstrong-T-Ch-Tobinator
  • W-Wendy-Potter-T-Ch-Wasserbailee-CD-RE
  • Anne-Mann-T-Ch-Zoe-UD-RAE-ET
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T Ch Weisnjac Classic Catch CCD RN TDX1 TS CH T CH Clemkirk Custom Made2 Anca-Tilea-T-S-Grand-Ch-T-Ch-Mia-Doggylicious-CCD-RN-PT-ET3 Alan-Tee-T-Ch-Kanuba-Wooftee-Maldoon-UD-Wooftee4 Glenbogle5 Maree-McCabe-Dual-Ch-(T)-Habanero-Emotional-Rescue-CDX-RE-ET-Indi6 2016-Talia-Duell-T-Ch-IamHenry-CCD7 Ann-Marriott-TS-Ch-T-Ch-Vonraypark-Harlequin-Linq-CD-RAE-TSDX-PT-Linq8 Deb-Armstrong-T-Ch-Tobinator9 Kim-Houlden-DUAL-CH-(T)-GOLDNYMPH-WILD-HONEY-(AI)10 W-Wendy-Potter-T-Ch-Wasserbailee-CD-RE11 Anne-Mann-T-Ch-Zoe-UD-RAE-ET12 Anca-Tilea-Mia-Doggylicious13 Bryan-Crowley-TCH-ELLERRAN-RIOJA-BLUE-DISTINCTN14
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tracking and track & search dog rule books

Tracking and Track and Search Dog rule books available on the ANKC website at http://ankc.org.au/AboutUs/?id=1253

Latest Trial Results

Check out the latest trial results and photos.

champion of champions

Check out the Champion of Champions Winner.

do you have a tracking champion?

If you have a Tracking Champion, Track and Search Champion or a Track and Search Grand Champion celebrate your success and send us a photo for our Champions Gallery.  A photo of your dog’s head or your dog sitting will look the best.

Email a photo of your dog to  championsgallery@trackingclubvic.org.au 

Please send your original photo file (we would like the file to be at least 100KB in size) and please name the photo file with your dog’s registered name including all titles (or include this information in your email).

For information how to send your pictures please download this document - How to Email Your Pictures (PDF)