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These pages show our members and their clever dogs who have earned Tracking Titles.  Congratulations on your success!  Click on each year to see the complete list of titles earned.

Dogs who have earned Tracking Champion and Track and Search Dog Excellent titles can have their photo added to the year’s page.  A photo of your dog’s head or your dog sitting will look the best.

If your dog’s photo is missing please email a photo to championsgallery@trackingclubvic.org.au 
If you notice an error, please email details to championsgallery@trackingclubvic.org.au 

Please send your original photo file (we would like the file to be at least 100KB in size) and please name the photo file with your dog’s registered name including all titles (or include this information in your email).

On information how to send your pictures please download this document - How to Email Your Pictures (PDF)

TD Tracking Dog TSD Track and Search Dog
TDX Tracking Dog Excellent TSDX Track and Search Dog Excellent
T Ch Tracking Champion