We like to reward our tracklayers who venture out into the wilderness to wait in the cold with nothing but a map and a fluffy pole bag and the scent of sardines and some chocolates to keep them company.

Each year we select one special tracklayer who has gone above and beyond in pursuit of tracklaying and present them with the Tracklayer of the Year trophy.  This trophy is awarded annually at the Club’s Presentation Night. 

Our Tracklayer of the Year award is hotly contested and each year the competition is fierce!

Points are awarded for successfully laid tracks.  This means that the dog tracking you must successfully complete their track and receive a pass.  After the track fill out a tracklayer form for that track and have the judge on the day sign it.  Forms must be sent to the Club Secretary.

Points are awarded as follows:

Test Points
Test 1 (400m) 1 point
Test 2 and Test 3 (800m 2 points
Test 4 and Test 5 (1000m 3 points
Test 6 (1200m)    4 points
Test 7 (1200m)  5 points
TSD 1 and TSD 2      6 points
TSD 3 and TSD 4  7 points
TSD 5 and TSD 6 8 points

In the event of a tie the grading the dog received will add 4 points for excellent, 3 points for a very good, 2 points for good and 1 point for a pass.

Eligible tracks are from the current calendar year only.  A tracklayer cannot count tracks laid for the same person more than once in a six month period.  (It may be helpful to keep a log book of the tracks you have laid.)  To be eligible to apply for this trophy the tracklayer must be a financial member of the Club at the time of completing the track and at the time of presentations.

The member winning the award will receive a plaque to keep and the Tracklayer of the Year trophy will be held by the Club and engraved with the winner’s name.

Please complete the Tracklayer of the Year Application (Word Doc) and email to

tracklayer of the year winners

Year Tracklayer
2019 Adam Catton
2018 Adam Catton
2017 Adam Catton
2016 Adam Catton
2015 Adam Catton
2014 Adam Catton
2013 Rebecca Kearney
2012 Julie Short
2011 Julie Short
2010 Dianne Cameron
2009 none awarded
2008 Faye Wilson
2007 Faye Wilson



adam cotton

Tracklayer of the Year-Adam Catton-2017 and 2018

Track Layer of the year Rebecca Kearney